7 Short Hairstyles For Men To Look Smart in 2020

best short hairstyles for men

Short hairstyles for men can never go out of trend. There are so many different short haircuts, that it can sometimes become a daunting task to select the best hairstyle. Moreover, short haircuts don’t really imply a boring look. They can be trendy, cool, easy to style as well as low maintenance. Getting confused? Well! To help you out we have made a list of top 7 Short Hairstyles For Men To Look Smart in 2020.

Here you will see all the popular short haircuts for me starting from buzz cuts to Mohawk fade, comb over fade, crop top, quiff, crew cut, etc. So don’t worry and check out these amazing styles and cut curated for you.

7 Short Hairstyles For Men To Look Smart in 2020

1. Classic Crew Cut

classic crew cut

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One of the most popular short hairstyles for men has always been the crew cut. In case, you are new to this classic style, just get a taper fade on the back and the sides. Simply leave the short hair messy and textured while spikes up the front part. Having a full-grown beard or a nicely trimmed beard will give you the manly look.

2. Trendy Comb Over Fade

Comb Over Fade

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The never-ending love barbers have for this comb over fade is worth mentioning. With the short and clean fade on the back and the sides, you only need to sweep the hair to a side of your choice. This comb over fade looks great and classy with a matte wax or a shiny pomade.

3. Sexy Crop Top Fade

Crop Top Fade

Image Courtesy: Mens Hairstyles Today

If all you want to have a sexy and all bold short hairstyle, you can simply opt for the crop top fade cut. Faded short hairs are simple and always trending. You simply need to brush your hair forward o create a short fringe look. Pairing this bold yet simple look with a higher taper fade and line up will give you a natural and sharp look.

4. Short Mohawk Fade

Short Mohawk Fade

Image Courtesy: Mens Hairstyles Today

For all the men looking for a cool short haircut, go for the mohawk fade. To highlight the short mohawk on the top, the burst fade curves down the neck and around the ear gives a badass finish to your look.

5. All Bold Buzz Cuts

Buzz Cuts


Image Courtesy: Mens Hairstyles Today

For a clean, low maintenance, and fresh looking military haircut, you can always opt for the buzz cut. It is easy to style and popular among men who want to sport a rugged, handsome look. Go for a shape up to fix your hairline and get a sharp edgy look around your temples.

6. Quiff With Tapered Sides

quiff With Tapered Sides

Image Courtesy: Mens Hairstyles Today

The hottest short haircut for men is the quiff with tapered sides. It suits all hair lengths and you will have an option to choose a low, mid, or high fade due to the versatility. Simply spikes up the front section of your hair with taper fades sides to accentuate the quiff style.

7. Short and Spiked

Short and Spiked

Image Courtesy: Mens Hairstyles Today

When in doubt, simply opt for the short and spiked hair. It gives you that edgy and youthful look you need without looking juvenile.


Having a trendy hair cut is what we all want. Now, to style short hair can be a daunting task for many as you may think of wide options available. However, we hope with this list of 7 Short Hairstyles For Men To Look Smart in 2020, you can freely opt to chop your hair. Remember, to choose one that suits your hair type and face cut. And you are good to go. Don’t forget to share your look with us. Happy Chopping and Styling!

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