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Best Hair Colour In India 2019: Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Hair Colour In India 2019: Review & Buyer's Guide

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After researching for more than 2 months, analyzing the top 18 products, and consulting with 2 dermatologists and 3 beauticians, we found out Naturigin Organic 100% Permanent Hair Colour to be the best hair colour in India.

Choosing a hair colour with so many options available in the market, it can be a daunting task to choose one. Almost all the brands assure us of having all the respective factors related to hair color. You have to choose keeping in mind certain crucial factors which we have tried to jot down below. If you are interested in knowing about the factors, you can surely navigate to our hair color buying guide.

The Best Hair Colours In India Without Side-Effects

1. Naturigin Organic 100% Permanent Hair Colour – Best Hair Color Without Ammonia and Peroxide

Naturigin Organic 100% Permanent Hair Colour

The Naturigin is a family owned private limited company which is known for manufacturing around 19 amazing hair colors containing certified organic ingredients.

It provides nourishment and shines to your hair. And the 100% organic extracts and natural oil won’t hamper your hair texture as well.

Things We Like:

  • A 100% permanent hair color.
  • Suitable for all hair types & skin types.
  • A blend of 10 organic extracts with essential oils.
  • Suitable for both men & women.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Not available at the stores always.
  • You need a patch test before using.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a permanent hair color that won’t damage your hair, then you must opt for this.

2. L’Oreal Paris Casting Hair Colour –  Best Hair Color For Women

L’Oreal Paris Casting Hair Colour

L’Oreal is a famous brand for both hair care and as well as skin care in India and more than 20 countries. The L’Oreal Paris Casting Hair Colour provides you with amazing shiny hair which lasts up to 30 shampoos. It gives you an extra glossiness with the royal jelly it contains.

We have chosen this hair color as it has given authentic service to the beauty world. Moreover, we had conversations with top beauticians and hair specialists before presenting it on our list.

Things We Like:

  • It contains no Ammonia.
  • Covers grey hair evenly.
  • Gives you a luxurious treat of coloring.
  • Comes with a delicate longlasting fragrance.
  • Gives you a healthy, glossy, and soft hair.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • You need a patch test before using.

Bottom Line:

If you are thinking to colour your hair for the 1st time, this hair colour of L’Oreal will be best for you.

3. L’Oreal Dark Brown Hair Colouring Cream – Best Hair Color For Men

L’Oreal Dark Brown Hair Colouring Cream

As we have mentioned above, L’Oreal is a famous name among all the hair care products in India and more than 25 countries. Since 2007 till now, the brand has flourished for its scientifically proven beauty products especially working with the women employees.

We have selected this hair colour as one of the best hair colour for white hair because of its 100% coverage formula which is the 1st choice of the professional beauticians. It covers each hair evenly in a short time.

This hair takes only 35 minutes to cover all the white hairs perfectly and lifts up to 2-3 levels. It gives your hair a long-lasting radiant colour with rich natural tones up to 45 days.

Things We Like:

  • 100% perfect coverage to white hair.
  • You don’t need to mix the different items.
  • Everything comes in just one tube.
  • Easy to apply and takes only 35 minutes

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Does not come with an activator or gloves.
  • A little bit pricey.

Bottom Line:

In spite of a little costly, this hair color will give you full satisfaction worth to your money with 100% coverage to all your white hair.

4. Schwarzkopf Ammonia Free Permanent Colour – Best Professional Hair Color brand

Schwarzkopf Ammonia Free Permanent Colour

The Schwarzkopf Ammonia Free Permanent Colour is one of the most beautiful hair colors available in the market which takes care of your hair texture. It provides you with a professional look.

This product comes in several shades to suit each hair type and skin tones. We have all the positive responses about this product from several users.

Things We Like:

  • Completely Ammonia free hair colour.
  • Up to 30% more colour intensity
  • Colours each hair without any side-effects.
Things We Don’t Like:
  • You have to purchase the developer separately.

Bottom Line:

It is one of the best hair colour fit for any Indian hair tone for both men and women.

5. Bigen Speedy Hair Colour – Quick Coloring

Bigen Speedy Hair Colour

Bigen, known as the origin of beauty has spread its wings in excess of 70 nations everywhere throughout the world. All the hair care results of this brand are appropriate for every one of the sexual orientations.

We have chosen this hair shading to keep in our best hair hues for all in light of its novel recipe. It does not need the help of Hydrogen Peroxide to work like other hair hues. We talked about with a portion of the best-recorded beauticians about the genuineness of this item and got a decent reaction from them.

It contains the essential saturating equation BHCC which shields your hair from getting dry and winding up harsh in the wake of shading. It contains 6 sorts of home-grown concentrates like fennel, salve mints, bounces, mistletoe, chamomile, and yarrow.

Things We Like:

  • Contains no ammonia.
  • Comes in a single packet of a developer and colour.
  • Takes only 5 minutes to colour the hair.
  • Remains no black patches at the surrounding skins.
 Things We Don’t Like:
  • Can cause an allergic reaction.

Bottom Line:

This is one of the best hair colour ideal for them who wants to colour their hair in minutes. It is completely fit for today’s first forward life where you want everything speedy.

6. BBLUNT Salon Secret Creame Hair Colour – For Ultra Shine(Choice Of Celebrities)

BBLUNT Salon Secret Creame Hair Colour

BBLUNT is quite popular among the celebrities of India for its long-lasting high shine formulized hair colours for each hair type. It has its own salon and spas in all the metro cities of India which attracts its customers to give professional like hair shine.

We selected this as one of our top listed hair colour after discussing with some top beauty professionals an dermatologists. The main specialty of this hair colour is it comes with a 3 part hair color and a unique shine tonic which gives your hair extra shine with glamour.

Things We Like:

  • Lasts up to 8 weeks.
  • Contains no Ammonia.
  • Salon-like gorgeous hair at home.
  • Gives 100% grey coverage with high shine.
  • Shine tonic is enriched with silk proteins
Things We Don’t Like:
  • You have to limit shampooing to protect colour.
  • A patch test is most.

Bottom Line:

It is best for them who are inclined towards the celebrity glamour. It gives you a glamorous look instantly.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Hair Colour In India?

Selecting the best hair colour in India depends upon the type of hair you have. A single hair can give you a lot of information about your hair type. A hair usually grows for 2-6 years before falling out. Each hair strand contains toxins, sweat and all the natural oil of your body.

Hence, it is very much important for you to choose any hair product only after knowing your hair type. Test it on the basis of certain factors such as hair density, elasticity, porosity, texture, and curl pattern.

Before purchasing a hair color, here are the things below which should be taken care of.

1.  Hair Texture:

To test the hair texture, you need to wash your hair with a shampoo and after that, you must use a conditioner as you would do on any regular day. Once done, let your hair get dry without using a hair-dryer. Now take a thread and a strand fo your hair from the middle section of your scalp. Set them both on a paper side by side and compare.

  • If you see the thickness of the hair is thinner than the thread you have a texture of thin hair.
  • You have a thick texture of hair if the hair strand is thicker than the thread.
  • If both are of the same thickness you have a texture of medium hair.

2. Oiliness Of Hair:

Wash your hair with your ordinary shampoo and conditioner routine. Let dry the hair without utilizing a hairdryer. Give your hair a chance to sit for 8-12 hours or medium-term. In the following morning take a tissue paper and push on your scalp to check the oiliness.

  • In case, the oil buildup on the tissue paper you have oily hair.
  • A hint of oil on the tissue paper implies you have medium hair.
  • If there is no oil on the paper you have dry hair.
  • If the tissue paper has the buildup of oil in one section and not in another part you have Typical hair.

3. Curl Pattern

Wash your hair with your normal shampoo and conditioner routine. Let the hair dried without utilizing a hairdryer. Presently decide the curl pattern of your hair as the pattern made by Andre Walker, the hair beautician of Oprah Winfrey.

  • The straight hair has no bend by any means.
  • The Wavy hair does not curl a lot after dried.
  • The hair is curly with an S shape and holds an unmistakable curl pattern.
  • And if the hair is firmly coiled and unusual and with a Z pattern, you have a coiled hair.

4. Hair Density:

To know about your hair density you should start with parting your hair in the middle. Look at the mirror and start parting using your finger or you can use a comb. Now hold a part of hair in one side and see the roots from different angles. After that, you need to estimate your hair density as per the visible scalp area.

  • If you don’t see any single bit of scalp, then you have a thick hair density.
  • In case, you can see a little bit of the scalp, then you probably have medium hair density.
  • If you can see a visible amount of scalp, then you must be having very thin hair density.

In all of the above cases, you need to choose a product according to your hair density.

5. Porosity:

You need to wash your hair like normal days- do the shampoo and conditioner. Now partially dry your hair with a clean towel and comb your hair thoroughly. Now take chunks of hair on your hand and feel them to determine the porosity of your hair.

  • If the hair dried entirely, you have low porosity.
  • And if the hairs are perry wet but not that sticky, then you have a medium porosity.
  • In case, if the hair is sticky and takes a long time to dry you have high porosity.

6. Elasticity:

Pull a strand of freshly washed and towel dried hair. Stretch the strand of hair. Now observe what happens to the hair strand when you pull it to check the elasticity of your hair.

  • If the hair strand expands and takes time to break you have high elasticity and very strong hair.
  • If the hair takes a short time to stretch before the break you have a medium elasticity of hair.
  • When the hair breaks immediately you have a low elasticity of hair.

Final Talk

The above list contains the best hair colour in India which you can use without giving a second thought. We have also selected all the hair colours according to the Indian hair tone for both men and women.

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