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How to Buy the Best Hair Straightener in India Guide 2017?

Best Hair Straightener

Looking best is all every girl wants. Not every girl is born with silky, shiny and straight hair like that of Rapunzel. To tame those frizzy and unmanageable curls a flat iron is the best ever solution. Nowadays, a pair of good straightening machine is the most important styling tool in the bag of tricks. Purchasing the best hair straightener is an investment it is not a throwaway object that should be replaced after every couple of months. It is advised to read the hair straightener reviews before purchasing the best hair straightener in India.

Follow these quick and easy tips to attain the epitome of beauty.

How to Buy the Best Hair Straightener in India Guide 2017?

1.    Know your hair texture

Your hair can vary from curly, rough, frizzy, thick, thin, dull or smooth. Every hair type requires a suitable straightener to achieve that polished and clean look.

    Damaged and thin hair

To straighten up hair that is thin and damaged requires low heat setting and less time. Girls with this hair texture need to take out only 30 minutes to get a whole new look.

    Curly, rough and frizzy hair

This hair texture takes forever to get in a sleek shape. It takes a lot of time and energy to tame curly and rough hair. Apart from this, a high heat setting is also required to straighten them. Don’t worry, the only advantage of having thick and coarse hair is that they are less prone to heat and does not get damaged quickly.

2.    Choose the right plate width

The size of the straightener you choose depends on your hair texture and your styling needs. If you want to style your short hair then it is best to go with the straightener, which is loaded with small plates. A small width plate completes your demands with precision as it has the ability to work even close to the roots.

On the other hand, if you are looking to style your rough and curly hair then you need a flat iron with wide plates as they have the tendency to grip the coarse hair and penetrate more comfortably. 

    Slim plate: 2.5 cm- 3 cm and are best for short hair

    Medium plate: 3 cm-4 cm and are best suitable for medium length hair

    Wide plate: about 6 cm and are best suitable for thick, coarse and long hair

3.    Choose the right plate material

The best Hair straightener is made using the different type of materials. Whereas, the most important thing is that plates used in the straightener should be a good heat conductor to give out efficient results. Another point to keep in mind is that there should be less friction between the plates to avoid excessive hair breakage.

Following are some popular and recommended kind of plates

    Ceramic plates

This was launched about 20 years ago for the professional hair stylists and obviously, it gathered a great and rocking response from the whole world. It is the ideal material because of its quick heating technology. The only backdrop it faces is the retaining of the heat well.

    Titanium plates

For quick and even heating, this plate material is a good option to rely on. It is lightweight but strong enough to give the desired results.

    Tourmaline plates

Tourmaline is a type of gemstone that generates negative ions to lock in the moisture and remove the frizz caused by static. For a shiny and a polished look, this option is perfect to try.

4.    Other features

Understanding some great features equipped with a straightener simplifies the purchasing process and allows the buyer to make an informed decision.

    Heating time

This is the amount of time taken by the plates of the straightener to heat up. An efficient straightener comes with a quick heat up time to the desired temperature. Initial time and time is taken while in use should be looked at carefully before purchasing this magical tool.


Many straighteners offer a temperature-setting option for the most accurate results. The flat iron with the highest maximum temperature is recommended. As the highest temperature setting is not suitable for every hair type so the flexibility to choose the accurate heat temperature is equipped with some flat irons.

    Wet to straight

This hair straightener is perfect for those who have no time to first blow dry their hair and afterward style them. It allows the user to skip the hair drying stage and directly takes them for styling. 

    Travel straightener

This type of straightener works on batteries and are cordless. However, you should keep this in mind that they do not distribute the heat evenly in your hair.

    Auto shut

After a certain duration of time, the straightener should have the option of automatic switch off mode. This reduces the accidents even if you have left the machine on. 

    Far infrared heat

This option helps in even distribution of the heat in the hair. It is less likely to damage your hair. For more results that are precise, it heats your hair from inside.

    Worldwide voltage acceptance

An ideal straightener should have the power to be used in any part of the world without compromising on its performance or efficiency.

    Value for money

The best straightening machine is that is value for its money. It should not break or damage your hair. It is easy to rush to the store and choose the cheapest one for yourself. But think twice is this the worth of your money. The most common problem with cheap machinery is that they tend to break and damage your hair by snagging and over-heating. Expensive ones on the hand offer you the desired results and save your money from all type of expensive hair treatments. 

For lustrous and healthy looking hair, one should always put their hands on best hair straightener brands that give the right treatment to your hair. With the wider availability of best hair straightener, choose the one that is capable enough to transform your hair into your crowning glory. 

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