Best High End Mascara 2019- Reviews & Buying Guide

Best High End Mascara 2019- Reviews & Buying Guide

9 out of 10 women thinks that mascara is an essential product that adds elegance to their beauty. A large number of utterly sheer and smooth mascaras in the market is the indication for its essentiality. From thickening to volumize formulas to bristle, curved or straight wands, you have this heap of variety to choose from including the vibrating mascaras. But with so many options available, how does one can choose the right one. And with the celebs like Kim Kardashian giving you high-end mascara goals would confuse you even more. Therefore, how does one choose the latest mascara that gives, you both natural and dramatic lashes? This buying guide and review of the top 10 mascaras would solve this mystery.

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How to choose the best high end mascara?

With the help of some experts, we have broken down the process of choosing the high-end mascara.

1. Wand or formula?

If you think those fancily shaped wands are just a marketing trick then you need to think twice. According to some beauticians and make-up artist, more than the formula, the wand plays an important role. Always keep in mind that the size of your mascara wand should make some sense for the size of your eyes. A pointed tip medium sized wand is apt for every user. Try applying the same mascara with different looks you will see the difference. In simpler words, you should pair your formula with an appropriate wand to get that lashes perfection.

2. Buildable results or quick payoff?

There is two type of mascara users. One, who swipes it thrice and give it a tag of a good mascara and others who in one swipe wants to recreate that Mona Lisa look. If you are a quick pay off type then you would need a mascara, which completely coats your lashes in few swipes.

3. Try out the few

Pick the best high end mascaras based on their objective, like color, brand, lengthening and volumizing. Try to use some reputable brands to base your results. But don’t use one over the other that would create irritation or other turnoffs. Check one at a time. See that it doesn’t crumble or irritate your eyes.

4. Don’t trust the reviews blindly

There are many websites offering best reviews for every mascara available in the market. Then you have your friends who suggest some based on their judgments. But it is you who will decide which one is appropriate for your lashes. Everyone has their own opinions and choices. Being open to suggestions is good but it is better if you don’t trust any review or anyone blindly.

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Why choose the best high end mascara?

Every girl dreams of getting those perfect and dramatic lashes whenever they step out of their house. Here are a few reasons why a high-end mascara is an essential beauty product.

1. Bright-eyed morning

After a chilling night out with your friends, you need to look updated for a grueling day at the office. Thus, mascara is your only savior at this time. A high-end mascara is the only beauty tool that can make your eyes look flashy and poppy. It has the power of pulling back your tired eyelids from last night’s trenches.

2. Substitute the eyeliner

Mascara is the perfect savior when you are running out of your eyeliner. Just dab your wand on a tissue and smudge it on your lower lashes to give effortless and smoky eyes.

3. A perfect drama

Women make-up is all about drama, drama, and drama. The efficiency of the best high end mascara is such that it can give a little bit of oomph on a drab morning. Within a minute, you can have those bold and dramatic eyes, ready to take on the world.

4. Mascara is everything

All thanks to its curling wand, which has the effect of literally doing everything. Its richly colored hues can toss your lashes and add effect for a crazy night out. For a bold self-expressiveness, mascara has you covered.

5. Game changer

Obviously, a bold splash on your lips can give your face a punch but it would surely be an offset with those droopy eyes. Out of your every beauty product, it is the only product that adds a little more expression to your face.

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Below are the top 10 high-end mascara that gives you the confidence

1. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

This creamy, volumizing and lengthening mascara can give you the all-new blacker and bigger lashes for which you have always wished. Perversion, with its one glide, can give you the most intense and deep black color ever imagined. This ultra-smooth mascara is made up of a creamy texture, which is not too wet nor too dry. This gives the right amount of pull to your lashes. This formula never gets clumpy or brittle and can give insane lashes after every coat. So, if you want to apply more, no worries, with Perversion you can have more captivating lashes. It comes with a twisted trim end to give you each lash a defined look. Now there is no need of maneuvering your wand at all angles as its magical wand does all the work.


• Emblazed with metallic and gorgeous black tube
• Made with a blend of amino acids and proteins
• Gives beautiful lashes all day long
• Volumizes and darkens the lashes in one coat
• Lightweight. One can apply coat after coat
• Easy to remove


• Difficult to apply on the outer corner of lashes
• The brush is little thick

2. Clinique Flutter-to-full Mascara

Clinique Flutter-to-full Mascara

This wondrous high-end mascara is obviously not a regular swipe kinda product. It comes with modes that would turn your natural lashes to fully dramatic ones. Sounds confusing? Basically, this mascara comes with 3 distinctive modes that can be controlled by twisting the barrel. By twisting, the dial the brush gets either loose or tight that can control the quantity of product that is deposited on your lashes. Those 3 options you have are of volumizing, lengthening and both together. Each mode is responsible to give a different look to your lashes.
Even though all the modes won’t satisfy your needs but it will be able to give you breakthrough lashes after some coats.


• Innovative designing
• Leaves no clumps
• Makes your lashes fuller and deeper
• No smudge
• Longer stay
• Comes off easily


• Doesn’t give enough dramatic lashes. Only useful for regular wear

3. Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara

It is no doubt that girl, who once uses mascaras from the house of Lancôme fall in love with them. No other brand is able to compete with the best high end mascaras of Lancôme. A highly reputed brand worldwide that has the power of providing the lashes with apt length, volume, and curl. This Monsieur big mascara is now ruling the make-up industry with its non-clumping and smudge proof properties. Its big brush glides like silk and delivers a stay of 24 hours. For big buildable and voluminous lashes, this is the only product made for you. With its dramatic effect and highly impressive stay, it will beat all the existing mascaras you have had trust on.

Its effect is such that it can be equalized with false lashes without making your lashes look gaudy. Monsieur obviously doesn’t stick to your eyes like a gum, in fact, it’s awesome because of its wand only. The different sizes of bristle jut out at every angle to deposit the right amount of formula to your lashes.


• Holds the curled lashes for whole day long
• Non-clumpy formula
• Can be removed easily
• Dries quickly
• Easy to apply
• Infused with dark and intense pigmentation
• Comfortable for whole day wearers (and even night)


• No cons attached to this mascara

4. Marc Jacobs feather Noir Mascara

Marc Jacobs feather Noir Mascara

An ultra-lengthening mascara that delivers an instant volume to reach the epoch of bold lashes. Get the look of false lashes with Velvet Noir mascara, that with its curvy brush define your lashes for a greatest visual impact. It has the tendency to reach the lash line with its concrete black pigmentation for a major drama. This product by Marc Jacobs provides a non-smudge and non-clump lashes in just one sweep. You can even pair it with noir Ultra-glittering mascara to add a more drama for every occasion.

This is the blackest mascara ever made in the makeup industry that provides a volume and fuller appearance to your lashes. As the formula is creamy, so you don’t have to wait for it to get dry. Talking of its wand, it is easier to reach even to the smallest of the lash and set a perfect base for them. It is definitely not waterproof, so might pinch you a bit but it does give an extra oomph on your eyes even for the night parties.


• Gives a perfect false lashes effect
• Non-clumpy formula
• Intense black pigmentation
• Separate and coat every lash
• Smudge-proof
• Suits even the sensitive eyes


• A bit expensive
• Not a water-resistant formula

5. Elizabeth Arden Grand Mascara

Elizabeth Arden Grand Mascara

A perfect high-end mascara that adds desired volume and length to the lashes. Its long wear and waterproof formula coats every lash separately and intensify their appearance. Made with a vitamin-rich and emollient fortified formula, it conditions and protect the lashes with its utmost care. The lash-building complex infused in this mascara adds a dramatic volume for a false lash effect. The conical bristles have the ability to separate each and every lash and its tip curls the lashes for a high-definition.

Elizabeth Arden offers two shades in this mascara, Stunning Brown and Stunning black, so it gives you the option to choose according to your requirement. Therefore, with just one or two coats you get plenty of emphasized lashes. It is advisable to start from the side that curves in and then go towards the outer curve to receive the best results.


• Water resistant
• Stays longer on lashes
• Non-clumpy formula
• Smooth finish
• Separates every lash with high definition
• Adds volume and longevity


• A bit sticky formula
• If not applied properly, then it can make your lashes look worst

6. BeneFit Roller Lash Mascara

BeneFit Roller Lash Mascara

Presenting before is a roller coaster and best-rated mascara. This is a perfect roller to lift and curl your lashes the way you always wanted to. Its Hook n Roll brush takes hold of your every lash, separates them and adds volume to give you those lustrous and fuller lashes. This formula is instant curl setting and can stay up to 12 hours. BeneFit has carefully made this formula to deliver blackest of the black with just one coat. Remember, to apply one coat and wait for few seconds to re-coat, in this way you won’t end up in getting clumpy lashes.

The cherry on the top, is the longevity of this mascara, where other brands offer only 3 months life of a mascara, BeneFit on the other hand provides with 6 months. This is another unusual thing BeneFit has done and made it one of the best high-end mascaras 2018.


• Easy to remove
• Infused with Provitamin B5 to condition the lashes
• Waterproof
• Darkest black
• Gives the lashes a satin finish


• No cons attached to this product

7. Diorshow Pump n Volume Mascara

Diorshow Pump n Volume Mascara

Every top high-end mascara list is incomplete without Diorshow mascara. It is the statement marker of every designer mascara in the league right now. This pump n Volume Mascara comes with a tube made solely out of rubber, which can be effortlessly squeezed in the middle to move the product around. This highly addictive beauty tube helps the formula to warm a little bit so that it can be used swiftly. It really coats your lashes with most of the volume and curls they need.

Sometimes, mascara gets dry and feels gross to use them; certainly, this warm up formula is all you need. The promise of DiorShow to stay longer is fulfilled. Its bristles are made in such a manner that they gather the apt amount of mascara in them and in one layer; you get the prettiest lashes to sway. This thick formula doesn’t clump and results in thick and bold lashes.


• Warm up tube
• Non-clumpy
• Provides lengthening and volume to lashes
• Intense dark
• Smudge-proof
• Waterproof


• Smudges the lower lash if applied in an excessive quantity

8. Too faced better Than Sex Mascara

Too faced better Than Sex Mascara

One of the most talked, blogged and raved about mascara. It comes with a cute packing and naughty naming. The formula sets up on the lashes very quickly and sets a good luscious volume to your lashes. Although, it’s a bit dry formula that’s okay as it doesn’t clump the lashes together. Just swipe twice and your job is done. It might flake a bit of constant touching but its wearing is quite impressive. It is gentle and removes easily.it gives you long, dark and curled lashes that it will surely become the part of your daily makeup routine. This high-end mascara has a cult following that sets true to its claims and adds volume to your limped lashes. However, if you want those luscious lashes to reach a completely new dramatic height, this is surely your best friend.


• Dramatic lashes
• Lengthen and darken your lashes
• Luscious volume
• Non-clumpy
• Smudge-proof


• Bit flaky

9. Juice Beauty PHYTO-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara

Juice Beauty PHYTO-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara

This mouthful of the title is infused with all natural and green ingredients that are derived from all sorts of plants. This Juice beauty doesn’t flake and gives a soft feather look to your lashes. Its unique brush designing optimizes a precise application in all angles with a jet black pigmentation.


• Precise application
• Volumizes lashes
• Organic ingredients for a natural look
• Non-flaky
• Non-drying formula
• Non-smudge formula
• Clump-free


• Doesn’t lengthen the lashes much
• Remove it before sleeping otherwise it will come out in flakes

10. TheBalm Mad Lash Mascara

TheBalm Mad Lash Mascara

theBalm has introduced an all-new formula equipped with a new level of rich blackness that brings your lashes to life. This phenomenal formula offers you an intense volume high definition. The mascara comes with a high-grade plastic tube embedded with a funky print on it. Its wand is curved and comes with stiff projections that incredibly coats your each and every lash. Although this product is creamy it takes no time to dry without leaving any clumps. For that dove-like eyes, TheBalm has added a deep dark black hue to give out the full flutter to your lashes. With its magic wand and awesome formulation, you get those luscious lashes with just one sweep. For extra longevity and thickness, you may even apply another coat. Surely, for its every feature this mascara is claimed to be the Best mascara 2018.


• Comfortable
• Travel-friendly
• Lengthens and thickens your lashes
• Affordable
• Unique wand
• Intensely pigmented


• This high-end mascara comes with no cons

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