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How To Choose The Best Home Foot Spas- Buying Guide 2019

Home Foot Spas guide

Having a foot spa gives relaxation and comfort to your feet but relatively it is expensive to get it done after every alternate day. In this modern hectic day schedule where it is impossible to go out for a foot spa, you can get avail this service at your home now. A foot spa offers a couple of benefits to your feet. Exfoliation and massage are one of those benefits. Finding the best home foot spas can be really tiresome. Due to a wide range of products available, it becomes difficult to make the right choice.

However, with this guide, you need not worry, as it will help you find the best foot spas for your home.

Before dwelling into the features of this great product, let us find out why you need this product.

Why should you buy the product?

A foot spa offers widespread benefits. Let us have a glance at each of them.

Home Foot Spas

    Helps to relax

The main purpose of having a best home foot spa machine is to give relaxation to the feet. After a rough day, all your feet is a nice spa with massaging water jets, captivating aroma and heated water to relax.

With the help of upgrading technology, you can avail this service at your place without going to the salon and spend hundreds of bucks.

    Offers convenience

Another important benefit of having home foot spas is the convenience it gives. Not every time and anytime you can check into the salons for a foot massage. Besides, they are expensive too.

However, if you own a foot spa you can enjoy the relaxation it gives and that too with no charge.

    Boosts circulation

It is common for the blood to be clotted around your feet, especially if you are standing the whole day. An alluring foot spa helps in circulating the blood in your feet and relax them. Further, this technique helps in alleviating all the pain of your feet.

A foot spa is thus a rescuer when your feet cannot bear the pain anymore.

    Augment foot health

In a foot spa, essential oils, salts, and herbs are added to calm down the pain. This helps in rejuvenation of the skin and improvement of the health of your feet. These properties leave your feet silky smooth and refreshed.


There are some points on the feet that are connected to the whole body. So, after touching these points in a foot spa, your whole body can relax and gets rejuvenated.

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How to buy the best home foot spas?

While purchasing for the best foot spa, you should always consider the listed below features.

Best Foot Spas

    Heat it up

A good foot spa should have an inbuilt heating compartment. It prevents separate heating of the water and waiting to reach your desired temperature.

There are a plethora of models with this feature that promises to deliver a heavenly experience.


Being a home foot spa, choose the one, which is easy to operate. The best foot spa should work with one touch of the finger. Nobody likes to juggle themselves up with complicated operations, especially not after a long hectic day.


A good foot spa should have a proper drainage system. This enables to drain off the water easily and leaving the machine dry for the next time use.

    Water jets

Some foot spas come with water jets. This helps to have a much better experience during your spa session. Although, this feature is desirable so it is not necessary to give importance to this feature. This feature is only to regulate the water.


Acupressure rollers are designed to improve the health and relax your entire body. This feature might make the foot spa a bit costly but it is worth your money.


There are varieties of foot spas incorporated with aroma diffuser. Use of aroma oils and salts is what makes a foot spa more interesting and satisfying.

Again, this is also not an important feature to have in a foot spa; you can edit your checklist according to the budget.

    Size does matter

Foot spas come in all shapes and sizes. It depends on your taste, need and budget to choose the right one.

    Built in hood

A hood is an amazing feature that prevents the flowing of water on the floor when you submerge your feet in the spa. It helps you savor the best home foot spas without worrying about any spillage.


It is important to keep your foot spa clean and dry after every use. Therefore, look for a foot spa, which comes with removable parts and is easy to clean.

How to use the best home foot spas?

Follow these quick and easy steps for easy usage of the foot spa.

Home Foot Spas2

1.    Set up

Set up a bowl of warm water and add an aromatic bubble bath or scented oil of your choice. If your feet are swollen, you can add Epsom salts to heal your feet and relax them.

2.    Soak

It is recommended to soak your feet for ten to fifteen minutes and if you are using any luxurious foot-soaking product then soak for five minutes extra for a softer feel.

3.    Dry it out

After soaking dry out your feet completely, remove any dirt if it persists under your toenails. You can even push back the cuticles to keep them soft.

4.    Heavenly massage

Use a cream or exfoliator and massage it all over your feet. This keeps the feet fresh and hydrated.

5.    Touch up

Now your foot spa session is over, you can paint your toenails with your favorite color. This makes your look fee more clean and fresh. 


By keeping these features in mind, you can give a wonderful and relaxing footbath for your tiresome feet. These elements discussed above revitalize not only your feet but also your whole body.

Pro tip: always read the best home foot spas reviews before choosing a foot spa for no future regrets.

Happy shopping! 

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