How to Choose Best Liquid Lipsticks?

How to choose best liquid lipsticks 1

Finding a perfect match for your lips is every girl’s dream. One tends to get confused with varieties of finishes and formula found in a lipstick. Liquid lipsticks are one of a kind where varieties of lipsticks are found in abundance. It’s long lasting and smooth application can prove to be your best choice.

This guidebook will help you to find your perfect liquid soulmate to get those fuller and lustrous lips.

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Why should you buy liquid lipsticks?

•    A Trustworthy mate

If you are looking to get your lips dabbed with a long lasting formula, then liquid lipsticks are your suitable mate to go with. It will never bare your lips once applied. To get those bold and intense stated lips for whole day liquid lipsticks are the option to look forward. It’s long staying power will never let you down.

•    Intense color

Liquid lipsticks come in a superbly high pigmentation with intense colors that means you can get that sensuous colored pout every time. Richer the color, bolder the look!

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How to choose the best liquid lipsticks?

Every woman has a bag full of lipsticks out of which some are the best, and some remain untouched and ignored! This happens because it might not be going with your skin tone.

Below is a list of some quick points that a girl should keep in mind while treating her lips with the best liquid lipsticks.

•     Identification is important

To start with the basics, identifying your skin tone is important and the initial step to find the best liquid lipsticks for yourself. You can check your undertone with the help of gold and silver jewelry. If silver looks better, then you have cooler or pink undertone and if gold suits you then you have a warm or yellow undertone.

How to choose best liquid lipsticks 2

•    Know your shade well

After the heck lot of assessing your skin tone now is the time to find out which liquid lipsticks will compliment you. For warmer undertones, purple and blue are recommended and pink for yellow undertones.

Confusing? Below is a list of common skin tones and recommended lip shade of each.

1.    Olive skin tone

People with this neutral skin tone can choose from the variety of shades of nude, pink, red and orange. A warmer and a brighter shade would surely make you look different from others.

2.    Fair skin tone

Deep intense and bold colors are the best part to play on fair tones. Too light shade will make you look washed out from the rest. So, choose wisely!

3.    Dark skin tone

For a fantastic look try out the plum, red and berry shades. Deeper shades will make you look naturally flattering.

•    Choose the right finish

The texture of liquid lipsticks does make a lot of difference- matte or the gloss can dramatically change your look. Selecting the best finish is important and not every girl’s cup of tea! To make your task a little easy, there is a list below to find your perfect texture for a pristine finish on your lips.

1.    Creamy liquid lipsticks

These liquid lipsticks are a perfect choice as it makes the lips look tauter and crisp. It gives a defined coloration to the lips. To complete your look dab some blusher on cheeks to even out the color.

2.    Sheer liquid lipsticks

O give a dimension to your lips, this proves to be a great choice. It not only makes the lips look fuller but also subdued and natural.

3.    Matte liquid lipsticks

With the soaring trend of the matte finish, this is another good option to try. For bold statements and vivid impression, the cheap lipsticks matte stays long on the lips without any streaks or stains. Its hyperactive color pigmentation is another feature to die for. With its unique moisturizing formula, the liquid lipsticks matte keeps the lips hydrated all day long.

How to apply liquid lipsticks?

 How to choose best liquid lipsticks 1

Liquid lipsticks are bold and have the power to stay long. However, if you do not prep your lips well, then liquid lipsticks might dry out your soft lips.

So once, you get the hold of the best suitable and affordable liquid lipsticks for your lips all you need is now some handy tips on its application and retention.

•    Prep up the lips

As liquid lipsticks have the long staying capacity on lips, then there are chances of dryness. So, to avoid this, you need first to do prepping on your lips. In simpler words, you must always use a moisturizer especially made from beeswax before applying any lip shade. This technique will always keep your lips moisturized and hydrated.

•    Making a bold statement

Accentuate your cupid’s bow by a lip liner. This next step will give you bold stated lips with a touch of a natural look. But do not apply too much as it may give an odd look to your lips.

•    Control the sweat

Now there are chances of your liquid lipsticks to spread around your lips in this hot and humid climate. To avoid this situation, you can use a concealer around your lips and dab it with the help of a sponge.

•    High definition

To give create a definition to your lips it is preferable to line up the lips. Start from your cupid’s bow to the center of your lips. This promising technique will surely give a high definition to your lips.

•    Apply the weapon

Start applying your liquid lipstick from the bottom lip and press your lips together so that the extra color can pass on to the upper lip. Even out the color all over the lips and blot the extra with the help of a tissue.

Now you are all set to rock your entire day!

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Using lipsticks is a beautification tradition running from thousands of years. In the heaps of lip shades, liquid lipsticks have been in demand from a long duration. Its rich pigmentation and quick drying formula increase the duration of wear, and its kindness towards the lips are promising. With an easy application, these good liquid lipsticks are every girl’s personal choice.



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