How to Buy Best Waterproof Mascara?

How to Buy Best Waterproof Mascara

Who does not want dramatic eyes that do all the talking? Lashes so thick that in one bat the whole traffic would come to a halt. Yes! We all want this. This is possible with the help of a wonder product known as Mascara. It has the magical powers to transform the dullest of the eyes to the luscious and defined one. Treating yourself with the best waterproof mascara can be a difficult task. So we will have a walkthrough with you until you find the best one for your eyelashes.

How to Buy Best Waterproof Mascara

It dutifully works by lengthening, curling and darkening the eyelashes. There are two varieties of mascara found in the market. One is the waterproof mascara and other the non-waterproof.

The waterproof mascara does not run down or smudges easily when coming in contact with water whereas the non-waterproof mascara can easily run through your eyes.

Waterproof mascara is the best choice when you already know about getting wet or sweaty eyes.

We have listed out several things that might act as a helping hand while choosing the best waterproof mascara2017, best waterproof mascara for swimming, best waterproof mascara for wedding or best waterproof mascara for the beach. We have everything on our list to help you.

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Why do you want a waterproof mascara?

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Mascaras are available in the market with the plethora of features. Either they are infused with a single effect, or some might have multiple features.

  • The most common feature is the lengthening of the eyelashes. For extra length and volume, these variants of mascaras are used.
  • There are other, which are manufactured with lash separator technology along with lengthening aspect. This feature makes sure that each lash is well separated and are not clumped together.
  • Next, comes the thickening feature. This is desirable for those who have scarce lashes. It adds volume and thickness to the lashes to make them fuller, bolder and luscious.
  • Mascara is the only beauty product, which can swoop up your look. It adds lots and lots of drama to your eyes and makes you ready to take on the world.
  • It has the ability of multiple applications. All thanks to its magical wand. The Mascara can set your lashes straight or give you those flirty curls. It is everything you need in your treasury. It can pull you out from those Monday blues and make your average day to a sexy and slaying one.
  • Waterproof mascaras are water resistant because it is manufactured with a chemical known as dimethicone polyol that protects and guards your lashes against getting moist in the wet and humid weather.
  • When applied correctly it can act as a finishing touch to your make up. It not only defines your eyes but also makes them more open and bold.

How to choose the best waterproof mascara?


  • A waterproof mascara gives a smudge free hue and keeps your lashes soft and subtle. Its creamy consistency does not allow it to dry out easily. Always choose for the mascara, which stays supple on your lashes. A bristle mascara can weaken and even break your lashes.
  • For the straight lashes, many mascaras can give you flattering curls in just one application. This is because waterproof mascaras are lighter than non-waterproof mascaras, which adds volume and makes your lashes heavy. If you want, perfect curls then look for the mascaras that do not volumize your lashes. Always consider using a curler before any mascara.
  • Our delicate skin, which surrounds our eyes, secretes natural oil. This can smudge the mascara or even your eye makeup. Not every mascara can resist running or smudging so be careful while choosing a mascara. Look out for the smudge proof label on the top mascara bottle.
  • Mascaras can volumize, curl, bold, straight or even condition your lashes. Before buying make sure you know, which range to go for. To achieve the optimum and natural results check out the products that can keep your lashes subtle and without any clumps.
  • Check out the wand. A good wand should have the abilities to give you the desired results. Mascara wands are available in different bristles such as straight, curved, thick, corkscrew, ball tip, and precision tip. Each has its own feature. So before buying a mascara do not forget to check out on the wand.

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How to apply a waterproof mascara?

How to Buy Best Waterproof Mascara

After choosing the right mascara for your eyelashes, it is the time to apply it to show off your bold and defined eyes. Follow these easy steps for a quick application of mascara:

  • To get those knock out lashes always invest in a good lash curler to make them look bigger and brighter.
  • It is advisable to chin up while applying the mascara. Place the wand against the base of your lashes and wiggle back and forth a little. This will help to curl up your lashes.
  • Pull the wand with a zigzag motion to add volume and length to the lashes. This also avoids clumping of the lashes.
  • Go for a second coat to add a layer of thickness.



  • Make sure to apply on the inner, middle and outer part of your lashes to give them a fuller look
  • For the lower lashes apply with the tip of the wand so that you do not apply an excess of mascara. You can always take help of a spoon or a makeup sponge underneath your lashes to avoid getting it all over the skin.
  • If you find mascara on your eyelid, then let it dry to avoid smearing. Once it gets dry, you can remove it with the help of cotton
  • If you didn’t get enough thick lashes, then, after one coat dab a baby powder and then another coat of mascara. This will ensure enough thickness on your lashes.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Mascara

Do not forget to remove your mascara every night before going to bed. If not taken off it can weaken the lashes causing them to break or brittle


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