How to Choose Best Nude Lipsticks

How to Choose Best Nude Lipsticks 1

Now go mute or achieve that no lipstick looks with the plethora of nude lipsticks available in the market. Nude lipsticks have become the statement beauty product in every women treasury. However, the main hurdle comes in choosing the right shade for your skin tone. To overcome this hard hinge we have come up with a buying guide that will help you to choose the right shade suiting well with your skin tone.

Why should you buy nude lipsticks?

Go natural

Some people question the purpose of using the nude lipsticks instead one can stay natural rather than using nudes. To answer them, nude lipsticks helps you to stay natural and simultaneously compliments your looks as well. It gives you a polished look and makes you fell fresh and clean all day round. With those prettier lips, you can carry yourself confidently anywhere at any time.

Blends pristinely with eye make-up

If you are opting to give a smoky look for your eyes then nude lipsticks will compliment them perfectly. A heavy touch up for eyes goes well with natural and smooth nude lipsticks. It not only gives a balancing look but your bare lips will make you feel light and comfortable when other features are boldly highlighted.


How to choose the best Nude Lipsticks?


How to Choose Best Nude Lipsticks 1

Below is a list of some quick points that a girl should keep in mind while treating her lips with the best nude shade.

Test it with a tester

To pick the best nude lipsticks for yourself, testing is the simplest method. Another thing to keep in mind is that the tester must be applied on lips if possible rather on the back of your hands as the back of your hands are lighter in color when compared to the face and can give misleading results.

Right finish

Nude lipsticks offer you a wide variety of finish varying from matte to glossy. If you want, a lip color for everyday use then matte is definitely not the option as it dries out the lips after some time but if you really want to go with matte then choose one enriched with a moisturizing formula.  To add a spark of glow on your face then creamily textured nudes are perfect.

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Right brand lip hue

Choosing the right brand lipstick is necessary. Few things to keep in mind while choosing a lip color is that it should be durable, long lasting, enriched with essential oils and vitamins and most important, it should have the hydrating and moisturizing properties to keep your lips smooth and ready to make a pout lips. Finding a perfect nude for your lips sounds harder. Nude lipsticks for dark skin, nude lipsticks for brown skin, nude lipsticks for olive skin, nude lipsticks for pale skin and nude lipsticks for fair skin, every nude color is available according to your skin tone.

To make your task easier, we have made a short list of nude matching your skin tone:

If you have a fair skin tone, avoid using flat and opaque colors and instead go for the sheer ones like rosy beige.

For the olive skin tone, caramel beige is the best tone to choose. A glossier formula will compliment you warm undertones and for the cooler undertones in olive dark or light nudes are advised to pick like a pink tinted lipstick.

Under the brown skin tone, many variants are visible. Tan, Caramel, and Mocha. You can choose the one matching these skin tones. For women, who have tan skin and hair needs a glossier and shimmery nude to get that perfect sun-kissed selfie. To maintain a high balance between Caramel and nudes, beige is the perfect choice to bring out the bronze look. A rosy pink mauve is a good to go choice for the Mocha skin tone.

Ladies with dark skin tone should try on with shimmer and bronze nudes to build a high definition look.

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How to Apply nude lipsticks?


How to Choose Best Nude Lipsticks 2


After getting, the best suitable lipstick for your lips all you need is now some handy tips on its application and retention.


Every girl dreams of getting soft and kissable lips even after applying a lip color. So for them exfoliating their lips is a must. When a nude lip color is applied, it is obvious for flakes to be seen on the lips, so an easy way to get non-flaky lips is exfoliating the lips regularly with a lip exfoliate or a toothbrush.


To achieve those perfect nude lips using a concealer around the lips is advisable. However, always remember to use a concealer going with your skin tone. With this technique, you will see a truer color on your lips. You can even try a lip primer instead of lip concealer. Blending is the key to getting those smooth and non-patchy lips.

Filling up the lips

It is highly recommended to make a base for your lips with a creamy and soft pencil color for your nude lipstick to run on top. This method helps the lip color to lasts long and gives a more definition to the lips.

Applying some moisturizing formula after a swipe of nude lipstick keeps your lips hydrated all the time.

The right way to apply the nude lipstick is making a criss-cross on the Cupid’s bow and then filling the lips as if you are connecting dots from the outer corner of the lip to the bottom line. This method will help you to achieve a smooth and flawless nude lip.


Nude has become the more statement fashion these days for both celebrities and normal people. One thing while purchasing a nude lip color for yourself is that you are not looking for a flashy or bright color. Nude means synchronizing your skin tone with a natural lip shade to give a compliment to your skin.

There are heaps of brand manufacturing many nude lip shades, but this guide will surely help to buy the best nude lipstick 2017.

With these easy tips, you are now ready to shop a perfect nude hue for your lips.

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