Can you guess the worst nightmare of a woman? No? Well! It is when you see your bathroom filled with hair. Isn’t it? It may make you think of going bald within a few days. So what is the first step that you will take? Isn’t it changing your Shampoo? But what is more confusing is to choose the best women’s shampoos.

There are tons of Best Shampoos for Women available in the market which makes it a difficult job to choose one from them. Check out the top 10 best shampoos for women here.

How to Choose the Right Women’s Shampoos for you Hair?

Choosing the Best organic shampoo for women is not only a difficult task to do, but it also requires knowledge and research. If you are a makeup lover, then you would know how much research it needs to get the best product that suits your skin. Shampoo can also be sensitive, and you need to be careful while choosing it like you do for your skin care or makeup products. Shampoos have certain chemicals that stay for a longer time onto your scalp and hence can harm your hair. So to avoid such kind of thing, you need to be very selective while you choose the Women’s Shampoos.

How to Choose the Right Women’s Shampoos for you Hair? (Buying Guide)1

Here is a Guide to Choosing the Right Shampoo for Yourself:

Before you start with the buying process, you need to certain things about your hair. Walking into a market and buying some of the products with the beautiful and well-designed bottle isn’t the only way to choose your products. Keep in mind that a wrong shampoo for your hair can truly damage it or can cause your dandruff and other hair problems.

To make an informed choice, you need to know your scalp type, hair type, and the effects of environment on your hair, and a few individual cases.

What kind of Scalp do you have?

If you want to take real efforts in caring your hair, then the first step towards it is to know about your scalp type. The scalp is the soil of your hair, and with an unhealthy soil, you cannot expect any fruitful result. Right? So to get beautiful, healthy hair, you need to have a healthy scalp.

Before you consider buying any shampoo, you must know about the scalp type. You may have a dry scalp or an oily one, or it can be in-between a normal scalp. The specialty of the scalp is that it changes with the change in the season. In the winter it tends to be on the dry side and in the humid summer or rainy season, it’ll turn oily, which is the reason you can not use the same shampoo throughout the year. Well! This is the most common mistake that people usually do, and as a result hair loss, dandruff and damages occur.

Types of Scalp:

Normal Scalp:

Lucky are those who are born with a normal scalp. To ensure you have a normal scalp you need to check the scalp condition with the change in season. With the change in the scalp, you need to change your shampoo as well. A person with very dry or very oily scalp can keep using the same shampoo forever but so is not the case with people with normal scalps.

Oily Scalp:

Do you have an oily scalp? If yes, then you must not go for any moisturizing or gyrating shampoos as it will make you scalp more oily instead go for any volumizing or strengthing shampoos.

Dry Scalp:

While having dry scalp, you need to use moisturizing or hydrating shampoo to keep your scalp well hydrated. Dry scalp tends to get dandruff quickly like dead skins and hence it is necessary to keep the scalp well moisturized.

How to Choose the Right Women’s Shampoos for you Hair? (Buying Guide)

What Is Your Hair Type?

Like skin, hair can be divided into a broad range of three categories such as the thin hair, medium thick hair, and thick hair. If you fall under any of this above category, then get ready to spend few extra money as you need to buy more than one particular shampoo.

Thin hair:

Do you have thin hair? If yes, then you need to use volume adding Women’s Shampoos, as it will provide you with a little amount of volume to your hair. If you have thin hair combined with normal to oily scalp, go ahead and pick out with confidence the shampoo that reads strengthening, volume adding or balancing. In case you happen to have the combination of thin hair with a dry scalp, another moisturizing shampoo with the shampoo that adds volume to your hair, as you have to take care of your scalp and your hair with two different products.

Medium hair:

Medium hair is what most people desire as it is the easiest to maintain. It’s always best to focus on your hair’s explicit needs, but products that are for all hair types can be good for people with medium, healthy hair. Your first concern should be discovering a formula that feeds, smooths and detangles your hair. A pure moisturizing shampoo is always a right choice.

Thick hair:

Thick hair can be a handful and quite a project to manage. Shampoos that are hydrating and add moisture to the hair are best suited for thick hair. If your scalp is dry to normal with thick hair, moisturizing shampoo is for you, but if you have an oily scalp with thick hair, you should alternate with the shampoo that is moisturizing and shampoo that is strengthening or balancing.


I hope this guide is enough for you to know how you can choose your women’s shampoos easily now. Feel free to comment below for any more queries.

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