How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter in 2020 (Step by Step)

How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter in 2020 (Step by Step)

Are you a regular user of Twitter? If yes, by now, you know that tweeting regularly will move the previous tweets down. But, Twitter will let you pin your tweets right at the top of your Twitter timeline. You can pin an important tweet to get the most exposure. In fact, there are options for you to unpin and pin a new tweet at any time. Here is the best guide to help you understand how to pin a tweet on Twitter in 2020.
There are a total of 19 ways to get the most retweets, sales, link clicks using your pinned tweets. Here you will find all those 19 methods, so don’t forget to check them out.

1. Pin the most Popular Post

Scroll through all your blog posts to see which one is the most popular. A post can be popular because it may have helped some, or it has provided much-needed information. It is a great time to increase the reach. And, at the same time, to showcase your well-performing post to your followers.

2. Pin your own Product

Do sell product online? It can be a course, an eBook, or garments, etc. Then you can use the analytics of Twitter. It allows you to check the interest of your followers. Evaluating that you can your post.

3. Showcase your Recent Blog post

If you write a blog, you can advertise your recent blog post on Twitter. Pin the tweet with the blog link so that it gets right at the top of the page. It will gain you more visitors, and eventually, you will have an instant traffic boost to your blog. 

4. Pin an Affiliate Product

Are you selling a product that is highly popular among your followers? If yes, then why not showcase to a place where you are already getting so many views? This will earn you some extra money using your Twitter profile. Include the link to the product or put a review link on your blog. It will increase the credibility, and after reading the review, your visitor may buy it.

5. Conduct a Survey or Poll

If you conduct a poll or survey and need more people to participate, you can use the Twitter pin feature. The users on Twitter are pretty supportive. And they will provide you with their opinion on your desired topic. All you need to do is pin your poll or survey post right at the top of your Twitter page. 

6. Pin your Most Loved Tweet

People tend to follow influential people on Twitter. Hence, if any of your tweets have huge engagements, stick it right at the top of your Twitter timeline.

7. Make your Social Proof Sticky And Loud

Having a huge number of followers on Instagram? Do you have a Youtube channel with many subscribers? If yes, you can tweet a custom image of the number of followers or subscribers loving your blog or vlog. It will show your brand power and authority. Eventually, it may result in turning your visitor into your permanent follower. And later on, it can convert the follower into a potential lead.

8. Pin any Service You Offer

Are you a freelance web designer or a content writer? Do you provide any other service to your clients? If yes, you can post it on Twitter and pin it. It will help in advertising your business.

9. Pin Job Posting

If you have a job offer or require to build up a team to provide your service, you can post on Twitter. And pin the tweet to gain more attention. Tip: You can request your supporters to retweet the tweet. It will increase the tweet, which will result in good hiring.

10. Pin a Positive Quote

What can be better than a positive quote to start the day with? Some blogs and brands have emerged as the most popular among people using Twitter. All of them uses images of nice and positive quotes in huge number daily on their Twitter account.

11. Pin Customer Care Info and Contact Details

Do you have an established company, or do you run a famous blog? If yes, you can use the pin tweet feature to gain your followers’ trust and show your followers how much you think and care about them. Post your contact details and customer information in a tweet. And then, pin it to showcase to your audiences. 

12. Pin a Case Study to Show Positive Influence on Customers

Do you have a case study of how you have influenced clients? If yes, then you can keep it right at the top of your Twitter timeline. You can take an image of how you have helped your customers and tweet it.

13. Collect Emails from Followers using Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are an amazing way to collect your followers’ email ids. This will help you build your email list, and it can come in handy. It is a great way to convert a follower into a potential lead. 

14. Pin a Conversation Tweet with an Influencer

If you ever had a moment where an influencer shared your blog post or tweeted, then it can be a great thing to show to your Twitter audiences. Tweet and pin it to enhance your brand value. 

15. Send Followers of Twitter to a Landing Page

Pining a tweet means giving a specific tweet a boost. Right? So you can send your audiences to any landing page you want. You can use it to sell something or turn a follower into a subscriber. 

16. Pin your Upcoming Event On Twitter

Do you know how influential people use the pin tweet feature? They use it to promote their upcoming event to gain more attention. In case you are having an offline meeting or a Twitter chat, then you can post the date and time of the event. And then pin it to show the event details right at the top of your Twitter page. 

17. Ask Questions and Pin it

Puzzles and questions are always a great way to enhance your Twitter profile visibility. You can pin those and ask your audience to engage in it. 

18. Make a Video on Yourself and Pin

Nothing is better than showing yourself to your Twitter audiences. It helps to connect with your followers and build trust. This will show how you are as a human being behind your profile. You can post a video on yourself and pin it. 

19. Pin a testimonial

Twitter is a great place to showcase your testimonials. You can make a video or post an image of your reviews. It will change the way your supporters think about you. This will gain you the trust of your followers. 

How can you pin a tweet on Twitter in 2020?

If you wish to pin a tweet on your Twitter, here are the steps you need to follow.
  • Log into your Twitter account with your correct User ID and Password.
  • Go through the tweets and find out the specific tweet you wish to pin.
  • On the right-hand side of the top corner of your screen, you will see an inverted triangle. Click on that. 
  • Select the “pin to profile page” option. And you are done!
You have successfully pinned the tweet at the top of your Twitter account’s timeline. 

How to pin someone else’s tweet?

Here you will be able to find the steps by which you can pin someone else’s tweet. 
  • Open the official Twitter website. Look for the profile of the person on Twitter whose tweet you would like to pin. 
  • Now scroll through the tweets and find out the specific one you would like to pin.
  • Look for the inverted triangle symbol and click on that. Tap on the “embed tweet” option.
  • A popup display will occur. There it would help if you unchecked the option that says “include media.
  • Search for the raw text version of the specific tweet. Now copy the complete text version of the tweet. Make sure you include the URL in case it has an image. 
  • Open your Twitter account and paste the copied content and tweet it.
  • Now once done, follow the above steps to pin the tweet. Don’t forget to give the due credits. 

How to pin a retweet?

Do you wish to pin a retweet on your Twitter account? If so, then here are the steps that you can follow.
  • Go to your Twitter account. Find the tweet that you would like to pin.
  • On the right-hand side in the upper corner, you will see the ellipsis symbol. Click on that and then choose the option “embed.”
  • Now the step is to copy the retweet’s text version. Copy it, including the URL pic.twitter.com…. It will keep the image tweeted.
  • Once done, tweet the content you have copied. The next step is to follow the how-to pin tweet process mentioned above. 
It may seem different than the standard retweeting steps. It is because Twitter doesn’t allow to retweet a tweet as of now. Remember to give due credits of the tweet before you post it. 

How to pin a tweet on the mobile using the Twitter app- Android & iPhone

Are you not having a PC or desktop? Do you want to pin a tweet using your mobile phone- Android or iPhone? Here are the steps that you must follow.
  • Go to the Twitter app using your Android or iPhone device. Tap on the Twitter icon to log into your account.
  • On the top of your screen, look at the left corner and click on your profile image. It will reveal a lot of options. Select the “Profile” option.
  • Scroll through all your tweets till you get the one you want to pin right at the top of your Twitter timeline.
  • You will see an arrow point downward. Click on the “Pin to Your Profile” option. It will open up a popup window. Select the “Pin” option to confirm the process. Once done, the selected tweet will get pinned right at the top of your timeline.

How can I unpin a pinned tweet in 2020 or delete a pinned tweet?

Are you looking for methods to unpin a pinned tweet? If yes, then here some steps to follow to do that successfully.
  • Open the official website of Twitter.com.
  • Log into your Twitter account using your user ID and password.
  • You will see an ellipsis which is at the top of the right corner. Click on that.
  • Search for the “unpin from profile page” option and click on it.
  • You are done with the steps and have successfully unpinned and deleted the pinned tweet.

How can I pin a retweeted tweet?

Do you know that you cannot pin a retweet directly? If you want to pin a retweeted tweet, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.
  • Look for the retweet that you desire to pin. Please open it and click on the link. It will lead to the original tweet.
  • Now, retweet the tweet one more time. Remember to retweet it using a comment.
  • Once done, you can pin the retweet as your original tweet. All you need to do is to tap on those three dots. You will see the “pin to your profile page” option. Select it, and you are done.

Why should you pin a tweet to your profile?

If you pin a tweet to your Twitter profile, it will gain your attention and visibility. Here we have listed down some of the benefits of pining a tweet to your profile.
  • It makes your Twitter account more visible to new visitors. As a result, you will gain more followers. 
  • It gains the attention of new visitors and old followers who are visiting your timeline.
  • You can use the Pin tweet feature to promote something or pin your blog post link. 


We hope that you like this step by step guide on how to pin tweet in 2020. Pining tweets and retweets will help in boosting Twitter visibility. It will grab attention effortlessly. These are some of the effective ways to pin your tweets and retweets. But, use this feature as per your niche, and it should be aligned with you.
As per the rules and regulations of Twitter, you can pin a single tweet each day. Then again, you need to wait for another 24 hours to pin a new tweet. Apart from this specific issue, the methods mentioned above will work flawlessly

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